Shark Evoline 3 Moovit Lumi Helmets Review

Shark has always been a trend setter among the big helmet companies. The ability of Shark to introduce new cutting edge technology with each one of its latest releases has given the company a strong edge over its counterparts.

Shark was the first company to produce ‘Evoline’ helmets – modular helmets with dual homologation, which means it can be legally worn in both the full face and open face configurations.

Evoline third generation helmets are 200 grams much lighter than its predecessors. Evoline 3 helmets give you a choice between street and road riding, open or full face, touring and duty.


  • Made up of tough Lexan Polycarbonate shell.
  • It has enhanced aerodynamics, predominantly in open face configuration.
  • Evoline 3rd generation helmet features ‘Shark Easy Fit’ system for comfortable use with glasses.
  • Integrated UV380 label & anti-scratch sun visor to provide full protection to your eyes.
  • Removable and washable CoolMax liner.
  • ECE 2205 and DOT approved with chinbar in both open and closed positions.
  • Ergonomic design for greater comfort and ventilation.
  • Micro lock buckle system for extra security.
  • Overall weight has been reduced by around 200 grams.
  • The Auto-Up system is very simplified – chinbar and main shield are now united in a single movement.
  • Ability to glow for almost 2+ hours in dark thereby making you more visible and eye-catchy.


The Evoline 3 Moovit has a central catch on the chin that allows the motorcycle rider to flip the chin bar up and out of the way. The bar rotates up and back until it finds the lock at the back. In the open configuration it feels just like any other ordinary open helmet. Closing the lid up just involves pulling down the chin bar and then pushing it back towards the face until a click is heard.

Evoline 3 Moovit has a Lexan polycarb shell, an inner washable liner and a built in UV380 sun-shield that can be deployed or retracted using the helmet-top slider. The photo-luminescent paint of the helmet has the capability to absorb light during the day and release it again during the night! The helmet glows for approximately 2 hours thus making you more visible during the night time. The photo-luminescent paint is guaranteed non-toxic.


Shark’s Evoline 3 Moovit Lumi uses an elliptical pivot which allows the chin-bar to rotate all the way to the back of the helmet and a moulded lip that keeps it securely fixed. And only because of this helmet is be approved for both the configurations i.e. an effective full-face protection or a real open face look and feel.

The helmet is made up of a rugged Lexan polycarb shell painted with non toxic light absorbing luminescent paint.


The best part about the third generation Evoline is its weight, the new design is 200g lighter than its predecessor with no loss of structural strength. The helmet is DOT and ECE approved and is rated 5 star by SHARP thanks to its new moulding process. The new lid is more comfortable on long trips.


Perhaps Evoline 3 designers had Comfort as the first thing on their mind when they opted for new softer microfiber lining, this is something you will notice on the part that runs over the forehead. The inner lining is washable too.

The helmet has more vents which increases the operational airflow inside the helmet hence making it more comfortable for the rider. Noise and buffeting levels have also been reduced in the new design thanks to a more sleek shape.


Internally the shape of the helmet has also changed – now it’s more oval and less round than its predecessor which in fact is more natural and ergonomic design. This boils down to a better fit unless your head is shaped round like a bowling ball instead of like a normal human being.

Flipping the helmet is now much faster. Previously it was necessary to move the visor up before flipping the helmet, but now an ‘auto-up’ mechanism  brings the visor up with the chin-bar automatically and seamlessly.

Evoline 3 Moovit has detachable cut-outs for the Shark Tooth intercom system. It also features two removable pads on the cheek pieces to create room for the side arms of eyeglasses or googles if you wear these.


Shark Evoline 3 Moovit Lumi is definitely one the best helmets available in the market these days. The helmet fulfils is objectives very well i.e. to be used in both modes – Open-face and Full-face.

In full face mode it gives you protection and comfort with a good field of view, in the open face configuration you get even better vision and better ventilation in hot weather conditions.