Alpinestars Core Jacket review

Alpinestars Core Jacket: A Brief Review

A well-tailored motorcycle jacket is one of the most iconic pieces of automotive apparel to date. It’s so popular and beloved, in fact, that even people who don’t necessarily own a bike wear it. This is no wonder, really, when you think about it. With a motorcycle jacket on, you’ll get warmth, support, high-quality leather
Best Car Covers

How to Choose an Adequate Car Cover for this Season?

The winter weather is not only difficult and uncomfortable for humans, but also for cars. Therefore, when planning your protection you should also plan the protection of your car. Without the proper protection of your car during the winter, you will be at fault at the end of the day. It is best to make sure you find
misfuelling car

Putting petrol in diesel or diesel in petrol

What is misfueling? Misfuelling means putting wrong fuel in the car, whether it is diesel in a petrol car or petrol in a diesel. Many people mistakenly fill their cars with wrong fuel every day. Here’s how can you prevent wrong fuelling and what are its types. Petrol in diesel car Petrol nozzles can comfortably

Shark Evoline 3 Moovit Lumi Helmets Review

Shark has always been a trend setter among the big helmet companies. The ability of Shark to introduce new cutting edge technology with each one of its latest releases has given the company a strong edge over its counterparts. Shark was the first company to produce ‘Evoline’ helmets – modular helmets with dual homologation, which

Healthy Vision for Motorcycling

When riding a motorcycle, it is critical to have a healthy vision, although this is a fact ignored by most riders. Having healthy vision can be natural or corrected and together with protection for the eyes as required when driving whether a vehicle or any other machine vision is improved. This is because of target

Bell Rogue Helmet Review

Bell Sports is one of the most popular and best-known motorcycle helmet manufacturers in the market today. The company is famous for its attention to detail of material, design and styling which has enabled them to win the loyalty of many riders over the past decades. Bell helmets are available in multiple lines and models

Rockhard AC/DC Helmet Review

Rockhard AC/DC Helmet is manufactured by Oneal. Oneal is one of the best and biggest helmet manufacturers in world. It’s one of the oldest company and was started in the year of 1970. Being one of the oldest player in motorcycle helmets, its main goal is customer satisfaction. The coolest things about these helmets is
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How to Choose Best Nerf Bars for Your Car

So, you are looking to put some Nerf bars on that new SUV you purchased. Before you run out and just purchase the first thing you see, it’s important to know what you need and what options are available to you. This thought process is a great starting point when it comes to any major