how to polish a car with a orbital buffer

How to Buff a Car With a Buffer

A car buffer is a tool used to automate the process of waxing (a.k.a. detailing) a car, giving it a more shiny appearance. A person with a good car buffer machine and a little know how can often restore a car to its original luster. Typically, a car wax buffer is used in commercial car business centers although it can also be used privately for the car enthusiast and others who enjoy giving their cars a little extra attention.

The buffer helps you to apply the wax on your car at a much faster rate than if you were to apply it and buff it manually. The time savings alone can often be worth the small investment of purchasing your car buffer.

Different Types of car buffer

There are two main types of car buffers that are most commonly used. They are either run by electric or air power.

The electric version of car buffer machines makes use of electricity as its main source of power. This model has the advantages of being cheaper than the Pneumatic model (air powered) and it is also less noisy when in use. The obvious disadvantage of this model is that it cannot be used anywhere that there is no electricity.

The model that makes use of air as its main source of energy called the Pneumatic model. This model has the advantage of being easy to carry around as it is light in weight. However, it has the distinct disadvantage of being unable to be used by those who do not have a source of pressurized air. This model is used most often by auto body shops and other professionals.

The Best Ways of Using a Car Buffer machine

It is best to make use of your car buffer on days when the wind is low and preferable under some shade or in an enclosed area, like a garage.

Here are a couple ways of making good use of your car buffer polisher:

  • Check that your car buffer machine is in working order and you have to proper pads required for the buffing process. Refer to your owner’s manual for more details related to your specific model. Also, waxes can often come in differed colors so choose the one that is appropriate for your car and its finish. Again, refer to your car manual to see if there is a specific kind recommended for your vehicle. Most manuals won’t give a specific type so a general polish should work just fine.
  • Your next step is to find a nice and cool shaded place where you can wax your car. Shade is needed because car wax dries up very quickly. A low wind area is also optimal for buffing your vehicle in order to avoid dirt getting blown on and resting on the car while you are polishing it. Dirt and polish do not mix.
  • Wash your car before you wax it thoroughly with a warm soapy solution. Ensure you rinse the car well with clean water. Wipe the car dry using a Microfiber Towel (if available) as this will help remove any form of remaining grease or dirt on the car.
  • Begin waxing by applying a small amount of the wax onto the car’s surface in a circular motion. Allow the wax to dry until it takes on a “foggy” appearance. Place the car buffer on the waxed surface, flat, and power on your buffer. It doesn’t take much downward pressure to produce the desired results so allow the buffer to work for you. Continue this process until you have buffed the entire waxed area. It’s usually best to do small sections at a time. Refer to your buffers owner’s manual to see if there is a preferred technique for using it, i.e. circular motion versus straight lines. The most common technique that I’ve seen is circular motions.

The Importance of Waxing a Car

There are several advantages to taking a little time to wax your car. These include:

  • The color of the car will remain shiny much longer than if the wax was never used. If waxed on a continuous basis, your car should hold its shine for years and years.
  • The simple act of waxing your car regularly will help maintain the value of your car even when it is old, and you decide to sell it. The increased selling value is often well worth the time and small investment.
  • It helps to keep your car protected from the harmful rays of the sun in just the way that your skin is protected from the harshness of the sun with the use of sunscreen lotions.

Hopefully, this information can assist you on what to look for when considering purchasing your own car buffer. Read the manual that you get with your purchase to ensure you are using your car buffer to its maximum potential and getting the most out of it.