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Bicycle Frame Materials: How Much Does Bicycle Cost

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When you develop an interest in cycling, it’s a wise decision to buy the best bicycle. You have to figure out where to buy it and how much the bike will cost. The good news is that your options are not limited, and you will find a bike that will satisfy your needs.
The more thrilled and curious you are about cycling, the more you will notice how many people are into this hobby. You will as well see the surge in the number of bicycle dealers out there. And to determine the cost of the bike you are interested in, you will have to conduct thorough research.
In light of this, buying a bicycle is one of the best investment decisions you can make today. But then again, don’t let its cost hinder your endeavors. There are notable benefits associated with cycling, and why buy a bike. Have a look:
● Cycling is an excellent workout and will keep you healthy
● Enjoy improved joint movement and increased muscle strength
● Improve mental well-being and reduce stress
● Promotes weight loss and reduce related complications
● It will save you more money on commutes
● Riding bikes makes you feel happy and more positive
● You will be a part of the significant community by joining hands with other cyclists

Guide to Buying a Bicycle

Bikes provide you with the freedom to get away from your busy schedules. However, when you walk into a shop that sells bicycles, you will likely get lost in the choices. Don’t stress because it’s easier than you think to buy a good bicycle model.

How much does a bicycle cost?

It’s a big question that should guide your pick of the best model in the market. Here are a few things to keep into consideration.

1. Set a Budget.

If you are buying a bicycle for the first time, start by setting a solid foundation for making your decisions. It all begins by setting up a budget. However, keep in mind that you want a bike that will give you value for money.
Without a well-designed budget, you will find the entire bicycle shopping experience stressful and daunting. At all times, it’s prudent to look for ways to save a bit of money when shopping. With your budget, you will decide on how much to spend and get a dream bicycle.
Figure out the amount you can afford to layout at the moment. Set a budget also for accessories such as gloves, glasses, helmets, and bottle cages. Used or second-hand bikes can be a great choice if you are operating under a tight budget.
Determining how much you plan to spend on a bicycle is imperative. You will not end up paying more than you had budgeted for. With a set budget, you have an opportunity to research stress-free on the type of bike you want.

2. Know Factors that Determine the Cost of Bicycle

When it’s time to invest in a dream bicycle, you will be spoilt for choices. But it’s a no-brainer to go for a bike that will satisfy your needs without costing a fortune. It has to be a bike you can afford, and the price will vary from one shop to another.
Don’t just pick any bicycle you come across or opt for a model you find cheap. Hold a few factors at your fingertips.

1. The Frame Material

The frame of your bicycle is the most costly item to replace. Therefore, you have to choose a model with a frame built to last many years. Most of the bikes are made of steel, aluminum, and carbon frames. Each material comes with its pros and cons to put into consideration.
A percentage of the bicycle cost will go to a frame made of aluminum because it’s a lightweight material and an exceptional choice for inexpensive bikes. Models made from steel frames are high-end and durable. On the other hand, bikes made of a carbon frame are expensive and lightweight.
Intrinsically, bicycles made from light frame material will cost you more and last longer. These materials require manufacturing with top-notch skill sets and a high level of precision to live to meet their high costs.

2. Components on a Bicycle

Bicycles come with different components, and they account for a specific percentage of their entire costs. These components’ prices will vary from one brand to another depending on their durability, quality, and weight ratings.
The good news is that most expensive bikes with top-notch frame materials use inexpensive components to reduce their cost. Parts of the bicycle you find on sale will guide you to choose a perfect model easy to ride.

If you need additional accessories, bear in mind that they will impact the cost of the bike. Essential components that make a bicycle stand out include:

● Wheels
● Brakes
● Cycle chain
● Handlebars
● Pedal
● Protective accessories such as helmet, bell, spoke-attached reflectors, knee, and elbow pads

3. Types of Bicycles

Given the wide variety of bicycles to choose from, it’s easy to get bewildered. What type of bicycle you need matters, and the cost will also differ. Read on and find a kind of bicycle that will fit into your budget and meet your riding needs.

· Mountain Bicycles

Mountain bikes come in different varieties, but it’s the cost of the model you pick that impacts your shopping adventures. A high-quality and good mountain bike should cost you between $1000 and $1500. These bikes are excellent for pavement and off-road cycling, thanks to their outstanding features. Key features that make mountain bicycles standout include:
● Rugged tires for maximum control when cycling in narrow and dirty paths
● Flat and stable handlebars for easy riding
● A bit heavy due to suspension better for riding on rough terrains
● Efficient brakes for better control in muddy or dirt conditions
● High-quality saddle, wheels, and brakes for better performance
● Hardtail and rigid gear for climbing rough terrains

A mountain bike is an excellent purchase. But you also need additional accessories like a chain tool, pair of gloves, helmet, riding attire, and hydration pack that impact the entire cost. In your pursuit, you will come across different types of mountain bikes. Common styles vary from trail bikes, cross-outcry bikes, and all-mountain bikes to downhill (DH) bikes.

· Road Bicycles

As you look for the best bicycles in the market, don’t have any uncertainties about buying a road bike. It’s a one-of-a-kind bike that will cost you around $350 to $700. Road bikes are exceptional for road riding, commuting, and touring.

The cost of the available road bikes shouldn’t be a problem if you are contented with their distinctive features. They include:
● They are lightweight for all-road riding and touring.
● They come with drop handlebars for better ergonomic control and multiple hand positions.
● Rigid frames made from robust material such as aluminum are great for long-distance riding.
● Aerodynamic capabilities push the bike forward without affecting its speed and control.
Common styles of road bikes include all-road, ultralight, aero, and touring bikes. Feel free to find a model that will fit into your budget. Your road bike cost might vary if you navigate busy and unsafe intersections whereby appropriate safety gear is necessary. Hence, you can spend a little money on riding shoes, knee pads, and helmets. They don’t come for free, so include them in your budget.

· Hybrid Bicycles

Hybrid bicycles are an excellent choice for everyday commuting. Hybrid bikes provide the best of both cycling realms as they can serve the many uses of mountain and road cycles. They are sturdy and comfortable to ride on different terrains.
The key feature that makes hybrid bikes stand out above other types in the market is their sturdier and taller gearing frame. They also feature a wide range of gears and strong pedals that make them an excellent choice for city riders, touring, and cycling on different terrains.
The other type of bicycle to give special consideration is a kids’ bike that can cost you around $140 to $200. Kids’ cycles are an excellent choice for children aged between three and eight years. Significantly, they come with kid-friendly components and are light enough for regular use.

Picking out Your Dream Bicycle

With wide-ranging types of bicycles to choose from, don’t let the price of available models derail your ambitions. You can even own an electric bike, a beach cruiser, or a recumbent bike. It is a matter of the performance of the bicycle, its features, and your preferences.

Don’t let the experience of buying a bicycle for the first time intimidate you. Let these few tips help you get started in the right direction.

  1. Where and how to use the bike– Ask yourself if the available type of bike suits your cycling adventure. Figure where and how you will be riding your bike. Pick a budget-friendly model you can cycle on public roads, muddy terrains, or varied landscapes.
  2. Choose the right size– If you pick the wrong bicycle size, you will always feel uncomfortable riding or take a long time to adapt. The wrong bike size might also expose you to injuries in case of a fall, neck, back, and joint pain. The correct size will prevent stress injuries and foot problems.
    Consider also the frame size, wheel size, pedal position, handlebar positions, and saddle. Settle for a bicycle you are comfortable cycling around and on different terrains. Before you pick your ideal bike, go for a short test ride. You will clear your doubts about the comfort level, ease of use, and strength of the available bicycles.
  3. Where to buy– Do thorough research and figure out where you will purchase the best bicycle. Decide whether to buy from your local bike store or online. Don’t have any qualms comparing the cost of the different types of bicycles at your disposal.

To Sum Up

Costs of bicycles vary widely depending on the type you pick. High-quality, durable, and lightweight bikes are a great choice. However, it’s advisable to compare their prices and settle for a model you can use in different environments.
Research widely or seek recommendations if stuck. Know what you want to use the bicycle for and buy a style that will satisfy your preferences.

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