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Dahon Mariner D7 Folding Bike Review

The Dahon Mariner D7 Folding Bike is the best-selling folding cycle in the U.S. for the past couple of years. The success of this model is not accidental. It is a safe and dependable ride that folds up into a really small package that can fit almost anywhere. This bicycle is easy to carry around and it’s very popular with campers and boaters.

Bike Specifications

The Dahon Mariner D7 Folding Bike is a very carefully designed ride. The frame is made from aluminum alloy, giving the bike strength and durability. It has a 7 speed SRAM shifter that provides quick and easy shifting. The wheel size for this model is the standard 20″ and the entire cycle weights 26 lbs, which makes it light enough to carry around on short distances.

Design and Build

The first thing that comes to mind when you see the bike is – quality. It is obvious that Dahon Mariner D7 Folding Bike combines the best parts of all foldable cycles.

It provide the rider with a very comfortable and dependable ride. This model is ideal for traveling, especially by boat because it is rust resistant. It is great for relaxing ride in the park or in rural areas. Folding the bicycle is easy and it takes only a couple of seconds, making it the bicycle of choice for commuters.

Every part of the cycle looks and feels durable. The seven gear system lets the rider cope with small steep hills and the breaks are very responsive. Even though it is rust resistant, it isn’t rust proof. Some parts, like the chain and the shifter need maintenance to keep them working properly, but other than that, this bike is built to last for a long time.

Awesome Features

Dahon Mariner D7 Folding Bike

Apart from an outstanding workmanship and quality that make this folding bicycle the best selling model, there are a couple of features that make this bike a must.

The first and the most obvious feature is the fact that it folds up. It takes only 15 seconds to fold the bicycle up. Many commuters switched to the Mariner D7 because of this reason. If 26 lbs are too heavy for you to carry around, you can easily roll it on one wheel. The dimensions of the bicycle when it’s folded are 11″ × 31.9″ × 25.7″. You can store it almost anywhere. Front fenders and a rear rack are included with every Mariner D7 bicycle.

The gear system is helpful and efficient for tackling hills, both up and down. It is ideal for quick short routes around town or the countryside. It offers a comfortable ride and it’s a great conversation starter. People always ask questions about this bike because of its awesome design.

20″ wheels give the bike agility and a very small turning circle. That makes it a must in a busy urban area. Instead of walking around or spending a day in a traffic jam, with the Mariner D7, you will get where you need to go in no time.

The Negatives

Finding the negatives for this bicycle isn’t easy. The designers and the workers behind it have done their job perfectly. If there is something that isn’t perfect on this bike, it has to be the fact that it isn’t rust free. The aluminum frame is rust resistant, but the chain and some other parts are not. It doesn’t take much effort to keep this bicycle working properly, but it still demands some attention.

Also, the weight could be a problem for some. 26 lbs are easy to carry around on short distances, longer distances can cause fatigue.


  • Comfortable and secure ride

  • Rust resistant

  • Rear rack and fenders included

  • 7 gear shifting system

  • Adjustable handlebar height

  • Easy and compact folding system

  • Beautiful design and style


  • Even though it’s rust resistant, it still isn’t rust proof. Some maintenance is required to decrease corrosion.


Finding bad reviews and comments on the Dahon Mariner D7 Folding Bike is pretty hard. It is well-designed and put together even better. It offers a very comfortable and agile ride that is great for city riding. The cycle feels great, looks even better and can be folded up to a really small size. The price is reachable, but you get much more than you paid for. When it comes to folding bicycles, this one is among the best.