Trying Out The Best 110/90 X 19 Dirt Bike Tire For Your Need

In the world we live in today, information overload is commonplace. Everyone has access to a wide variety of shopping options. As a result, picking the best 110/90 x 19 dirt bike tire can be difficult. There are numerous product alternatives available. Additionally, remember that not all businesses act in your best interests. Due to this, we’ve chosen to examine the most widely used and frequently bought 110/90 x 19 dirt bike tire. We want to list the top ten options.

There are numerous choices available. It takes a lot of time and effort to select the best one. So, in this article, we have a review of the top products. Each has a ton of fantastic functions that will make your life a little bit simpler. By doing this, you can be sure that you’re getting the best 110/90 x 19 dirt bike tire for your needs while saving the most money.

How we choose

We spent hundreds of hours researching various products to determine which of these 110/90 x 19 dirt bike tire exhibits the highest performance and functionality. To generate precise numbers, we collected data from various metrics. These products were evaluated using our rating metrics. Before making your purchase, you should consider the potential difficulty of the tasks you will use as one of these 110/90 x 19 dirt bike tire. Depending on your needs, one feature or function may be crucial to you while being useless to others. Because of this, we’ve compiled a list of the top products below so you can pick the one that best suits your requirements. We selected these 10 products using several research metrics, including:

  • Size
  • Brand value
  • Features
  • Style
  • Design
  • Longevity
  • Price
  • Warranties
  • Types
  • Specifications
  • Durability
  • Quality
  • Materials
  • Consumer ratings, reviews & many more
Top Picks: 10 Best 110/90 x 19 dirt bike tire

10 Best 110/90 x 19 dirt bike tire on The Market

There are a lot of 110/90 x 19 dirt bike tire on the market, but not all of them are equal in terms of quality. If you’re looking to buy a new one, you’ll want to know what features to look for.

We’ve compiled this list to help you find the best 110/90 x 19 dirt bike tire for your needs. We’ve also included some helpful information about how each 110/90 x 19 dirt bike tire works and what it can do (or not do).

In this article, we will be looking at some of the best 110/90 x 19 dirt bike tire reviews. These are reviews that can help you decide which 110/90 x 19 dirt bike tire to invest in and which ones not to waste your money on.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Protrax PT1039 Motorcycle Heavy Duty Inner Tube Replacement - 100/90 110/90 x 19" Rear - 3mm Thick - Tire Tube Compatible with HONDA CRF250R CRF450R HUSQVARNA TC250/450 KAWASAKI KX125 KX250 KTM 250 SX
  • ✅ OPTIMAL THICKNESS AND COMPATIBILITY - These tire tubes measure 3mm thick, and fits 100/90 110/90 x 19 Inch rear tires (100/90-19, 110/90-19, 90/100-19, 3.60/4.10-19). We know other brands offer 4mm tubes, but from our experience, they are too stiff, not flexible, and limits the motorcycle. Compatible with various Honda, Husaberg, Husqvarna, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki, and Yamaha dirt bike models. Please refer to fitment chart before purchasing to confirm this product will fit your vehicle.
  • ✅ YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR #1 PRIORITY - We take pride in manufacturing motorcycle parts that save you time and money while not compromising on quality. Your safety and performance are what matters most. If you have any questions or concerns about your product, please reach out to us and we would be happy to assist you. This product comes with a 30-day warranty.
  • ✅ MAXIMIZE YOUR PERFORMANCE - Finally a tire tube you can rely on! All levels of riders covered, from the amateur racers reaching for pro status, to the weekend trail rider who is just out having fun with his kids. No matter if you are riding on the highway or driving over rocks, tree stumps, gravel, or ditches, our ProTrax tubes were built with reliability and safety in mind.
  • ✅ MADE FROM HIGH QUALITY PREMIUM MATERIALS - ProTrax super thick inner tube is a blend of natural and butyl rubber. Butyl rubber is the perfect choice because it's great for shock absorption and has exceptionally resistant to heat, aging, puncture, and weather. The rubber is twice as thick as OEM tubes to help resist punctures and pinch flats. These inner tire tubes are designed to last and keep you riding longer!
  • ✅ ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY AND STRONG FABRICATION PROVIDES MORE SAFETY - These tubes are designed to hold the valve stem powerfully to the tube. Unlike lower quality OEM tubes, ProTrax inner tire tubes are less likely to pinch when changing. Every inch of these tubes is made using the finest materials and advanced technology, considering the endurance and performance expected. Using ProTrax tire inner tubes will decrease your chances of getting a flat tire compared to competing tubes on the market
Bestseller No. 2
Tusk EMEX T-35® Soft/Intermediate Terrain Dirt Bike Front and Rear Tire Set (80/100x21 & 110/90x19)
  • Large contact patch for maximum traction and stability.
  • Tube type tire.
  • Strategically designed to provide great traction in soft terrain but also transitions well to harder surfaces
  • 1 front tire & 1 rear tire set.
  • Soft/Intermediate terrain motocross and off-road racing tire.
Bestseller No. 3
Pirelli Scorpion MX32 Extra X Dirt Bike Motorcycle Tube Type Tire Front/Rear Single Tire with Keychain (110/90-19)
  • Rugged construction can handle abuse on the track and roll with the punches.
  • V-shaped blocks improve braking capabilities.
  • Comes with Pirelli Scorpion Keychain!
  • Broad range tire that can handle mid-soft to mid-hard terrains.
  • Choose from tire only or tire and tube combo above!
SaleBestseller No. 4
PIVOTRAX 110/90-19 (4.50 X 19) | 120/90-19 Heavy Duty Motorcycle Tube - 3mm Thick - TR4
  • ✅ 3MM Thickness Heavy-Duty Tubes
  • ✅ Seamless construction
  • ✅ Featured a TR4 valve stem for easy installation and a heavy duty construction for off-road riding. These tubes are specifically designed for motocross and off-road use so make sure your bike has some extra protection out there in the world.
  • ✅ Designed specifically for motocross and off-road use
  • ✅ Puncture and pinch resistant
Bestseller No. 5
Tusk Recon Hybrid® Tire 110/90x19 For KAWASAKI KX250 1989-2007
  • The rear features a soft, sticky rubber compound that hooks up and conforms to rocks and roots like a trials tire, but has a motocross inspired tread design to perform well in mud, sand, and aggressive cornering and braking.
  • Tube type tire.
  • Rubber compound is not only soft and sticky, but has been formulated for maximum wear.
  • See fitment guide image for additional Machines this item fits. High-performance off-road Hybrid tire designed for technical single track and extreme enduro riding.
  • Carcass rigidity is much softer than a standard off-road/motocross tire but better handling than a trials tire to offer optimal impact absorption, traction, and protection through gnarly, technical terrain.
Bestseller No. 6
IRC Heavy Duty Tube -110/90-19, 120/90-19 - TR-4 Stem T20068 by IRC
  • Made of a blend of natural and butyl rubber.
  • See fitment guide image for additional Machines this item fits. High quality Japanese tubes meet or exceed OEM quality standards.
  • 3mm thick and puncture resistant.
Bestseller No. 7
SaleBestseller No. 8
IRC Heavy Duty Tube (100/90-19)
  • quality standards.Made of a blend of natural and butyl rubber.Tube Specifications:Valve stem type: TR-4 (straight metal stem (8 mm diameter)).Tire size: 100/90-19.
  • IRC heavy duty tubes are made 3 mm thick and puncture resistant, making them durable to better handle extreme and aggressive use.
  • For maximum performance and durability, IRC tubes are made of a blend of both natural and butyl rubber.Heavy duty tubes are 3 mm thick and puncture resistant.High quality Japanese tubes meet or exceed O.E.M.
  • IRC Heavy Duty tubes are designed and constructed to offer great performance in the most extreme motorcycle riding conditions.
SaleBestseller No. 9
(2-Pack) 110/90-19 (4.50 x 19) - 120/90-19 Motorcycle Inner Tubes - 1.6mm Standard Natural Rubber Inner Tubes - Pinch and Puncture-Resistant Tubes - TR4 Valve Stems - Designed for Off-Road Tires
  • 1.6MM STANDARD NATURAL RUBBER INNER TUBES - 1.6mm is the standard thickness for inner tubes. Softer and more pliable, natural rubber inner tubes will stay flexible throughout their lifespan, working with your tire instead of against it. They’re also more durable, resist permanent distortion, and have superior abrasion resistance.
  • PINCH AND PUNCTURE-RESISTANT TUBES - Avoid explosive punctures and pinching that can cause both damages to your motorcycle and damages to you, the rider. The natural rubber tubes have high-puncture resistance and are evenly molded to prevent pinching. Aside from that, these inner tubes also resist twisting and splitting from the valve stem base
  • TR4 VALVE STEMS - The short, straight, and threaded stems of the TR4 valves provide both convenience and safety. TR4 is a standard valve stem that’s compatible with most hand pumps. Similar to the tubes, the TR4 valve stems are durable. They’re also securely seated in the tubes through vulcanization
  • DESIGNED FOR OFF-ROAD AND MOTORCROSS TIRES - Dirt bikes, off-road motorcycles, motocross motorcycles need the comfort and protection of durable motorcycle inner tubes. These inner tubes are designed to withstand even the roughest of tracks, making them the best and most cost-effective replacements for the inner tubes
  • 110/90-19 (4.50 X 19) - 120/90-19 MOTORCYCLE INNER TUBES - These inner tubes are suitable for use on motorcycle tires that have a width of 110 mm (4.50 inches) to 120 mm (4.72 inches), and a rim size of 19 inches. For each pack, you will receive 2 natural rubber inner tubes
SaleBestseller No. 10
Tusk EMEX T-35® Soft/Intermediate Terrain Tire 110/90x19 For HUSQVARNA FC 250 2019-2023
  • See fitment guide image for additional Machines this item fits. Soft/Intermediate terrain motocross and off-road racing tire.
  • Reinforced side knobs for control-flex characteristics.
  • Large contact patch for maximum traction and stability.
  • Tube type tire.
  • Strategically designed to provide great traction in soft terrain but also transitions well to harder surfaces.

Things to Consider When Buying 110/90 x 19 dirt bike tire

When it comes to buying 110/90 x 19 dirt bike tire, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. Not just any product will do, and not just any price is worth paying. The following tips will help you buy the right product at the right price.

  • Is it worth it? The first thing you should do is decide whether it’s worth buying at all. Look at your budget and decide what you can afford. If the price is too high, then it probably isn’t worth it.
  • Do I need this? Sometimes, when we see something new and exciting, we get carried away and buy something without thinking about whether or not we need it. If you have doubts about whether or not you need something, don’t buy it until you’ve had time to think about it and talk with someone else who can also give their opinion!
  • Is there a better option out there? Another thing to consider is whether or not there are other options out there that might be better suited for your needs than the one that caught your eye initially. While the first thing may be pretty or flashy, there could be something else that would work just as well, if not better, at a lower cost, so don’t be afraid.
  • Is there a warranty? If a product has a warranty, it’s made well enough to last for years. If not, then you can expect to either buy replacements or spend time fixing broken parts yourself.

Buying a product that doesn’t meet your needs can be frustrating and expensive. Before you buy, make sure you consider the following:


This is probably the most important factor when buying 110/90 x 19 dirt bike tire. The price of a product is usually determined by its quality and brand name, but it can also depend on other factors, such as supply and demand in the market. The higher the demand, the higher the price for an item.


This refers to how durable an item is and whether or not it will last long enough for your needs. Quality products are more expensive than those not made well because they are more durable and will last longer without needing maintenance or repairs.


Look at reviews from other customers to see how long the 110/90 x 19 dirt bike tire has lasted, especially if it’s something like 110/90 x 19 dirt bike tire that will often be used over time. Ask yourself whether it’s worth paying more for something durable rather than replacing it after just a few months or years of use because it broke down quickly or was cheaply made from low-quality materials that failed unexpectedly.

Check user reviews

A great way to get unbiased opinions about 110/90 x 19 dirt bike tire is by reading reviews from other consumers who have bought them. User reviews are an excellent source of information because they’re written by people who use the product, not just someone trying to sell it to you. They also provide useful information about what to expect from a particular product, so you know whether or not it’s worth buying.

Know what you want

You can’t expect to find 110/90 x 19 dirt bike tire just by looking randomly around. You need to know what you’re after before you start shopping. Make a list of features, functions, and price ranges that match your needs, then shop around until you find something that matches your criteria.

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