Arai vs. Schuberth Helmets

Arai vs. Schuberth Helmets

Arai vs. Schuberth Helmets

Since your helmet will have your back for the next five to seven years, it makes sense to do some research first. Are Arai or Schuberth motorcycle helmets a better fit for you?

The Advantages of Arai Helmets

Arai is famous for focusing on rider protection above all else. Here’s what makes Arai helmets among the safest and most comfortable helmets you’ll ever own:

● Advanced protection design: Arai goes above and beyond DOT, ECE and Snell helmet certification. From the materials used in construction to the shape and finish of its street and off-road helmets, every part keeps your head safe. The company even measures “glancing factor” so helmets glance off obstacles for better energy distribution.
● Replaceable parts: The ultimate advantage of Arai helmets for DIY riders is the fact that every piece is easy to replace. If any part breaks after the warranty period has ended, finding a replacement and making the switch are simple tasks.
● Comfort: Arai’s modular helmets provide excellent ventilation and a smooth interior surface for street and cruising. Cutting-edge helmets such as the XD4 even have a removable cheek pad for a custom fit.

All Arai helmets are made by hand. This guarantees excellent results and performance.

Pros of Schuberth Helmets

If Arai is so incredible, where does that leave Schuberth? These European helmets also offer a wide range of options that make them a solid fit for street riders and cruisers:

● Focus on clear field of vision: Schuberth helmets prioritize visors, including 100% UV protection and multiple layers to give you a clear view.
● High-tech components: From Bluetooth-enabled speakers to systems for hands-free calling, many Schuberth helmets are equipped with cool electronics.
● Lightweight carbon fiber: While both Arai and Schuberth offer excellent carbon fiber racing helmets, the Schuberth C4 has made quite a reputation for itself.

The Conclusion

Both Arai and Schuberth produce high-quality helmets. If being able to replace your motorcycle helmet’s parts after the warranty is up is important to you, Arai is a clear winner. Of course, style matters too, so choose a helmet — and motorcycle apparel — that’s gritty or colorful enough to reflect your personality.