Alpinestars Core Jacket review

Alpinestars Core Jacket: A Brief Review

A well-tailored motorcycle jacket is one of the most iconic pieces of automotive apparel to date. It’s so popular and beloved, in fact, that even people who don’t necessarily own a bike wear it.

This is no wonder, really, when you think about it. With a motorcycle jacket on, you’ll get warmth, support, high-quality leather which won’t just disintegrate after a couple of months, as well as the appearance of a tough biker! (Even if you’re not one.)

Now, in the world of motorcycle jackets, Alpinestars Core Jacket holds a rather special place. Coming from a company that started out with a single pair of boots (that became an instant success), the Alpinestars Core Jacket is one of the most recent entries in their rich roster of automotive equipment.

Let’s see what it’s all about, shall we?

Alpinestars Core Jacket Reviews

Made for Casual Street Riding

With their Core Jacket model, the Alpinestars folks decided to go for a blend of the sporty and the casual. For starters, the jacket doesn’t have all the features of a full sports jacket, but it still fares rather well if you take it for a ride around the corner.

The leather in question is 1.1 mm thick full-grain, and it performs well to protect the wearer from the wind and not to suffocate them in the process.

Also, similarly to a sports jacket, this Alpinestars Riding Jacket offers some accordion-like stretching patches. These serve the purpose of bringing more elasticity into the mixture, so that you can move your shoulders and elbows more easily during a ride. (And while walking, as well.)

Note, though, that jackets will probably take some breaking in. As is the case with virtually all leather garments, whether it’s shoes, pants, or indeed, jackets, you’ll have to wear it for a while before you truly start feeling comfortable in it.

Light Padding for Additional Comfort

While we all love a tough ‘n’ rugged motorcycle leather jacket, it’d be fair to point out that sometimes some models can be a bit rough around the edges. What this means, of course, is that they might come across as uncomfortable to wear.

Having this in mind, apparently, the designers at Alpinestars spared no effort to make their new Core Jacket as user-friendly as possible. Namely, they’ve went on to incorporate some light padding to the interior of the jacket in order to target the pressure points on the chest and lower back.

As a result, the new design is much more comfortable to wear and even offers additional protection in comparison to the models that didn’t have the padding.

Even the neck area’s been given some special attention. The collar itself is made out of special breed of soft leather, so that it doesn’t cause terrible irritation and blisters from nightmares to the wearer!

YKK Zippers ‘n’ Snap Closures

When it comes to bringing the two sides of ye jacket together in one glorious union, the Alpinestars folks decided to go for YKK zippers. Tough and sturdy, these Japanese zippers can survive a nuclear blast and represent the perfect choice for a rugged garment such as motorcycle riding jackets.

Further supporting the mighty Japanese design are the snap closures on the cuffs. If you’re planning to wear gloves (which you should be), worry not, for the design of these cuffs won’t be making your life a misery if you try to put on a pair.

Whether you’d like to go with short-cuff gloves or gauntlets, you’ll be able to wear them in symbiosis with this jacket without any comfort issues whatsoever.

Overall, a neat piece of motorcycle apparel. The semi-casual style means you can wear it in everyday occasions without looking like too much of a showoff, and its sporty side will make you look the part on the race track, as well. It’s got Japanese zippers and special padding for comfort! What’s not to love?