A Guide to Single Axle Trucks: How Much Weight Can They Really Carry?

Truck manufacturers post the gross vehicle weight rating as well the gross axle rating on the door tag of every vehicle. They are listed along with the trailer weight rating, gross combined weight rating and tongue rating. This provides the information needed to improve the longevity of your ride as well as maintain your safety when hauling.

Single Axle Trucks Guides

Gross Axle Weight Rating

This is the maximum distributed weight that can be safely supported by an axle. Depending on the surface strength, road damage and vehicle damage can potentially rise with axle weight. If you are going to loading up your rig on a regular basis, choosing an axle that can handle it is crucial. The Dana 44 axle has a 3,500- pound axle weight rating.

What the Rating Means

The weight given is all-inclusive from passengers, fuel and other fluids to cargo and equipment. If you are hauling a trailer, the tongue weight must be added to the GAWR of the rear axle. Towing also reduces the load placed on the front axle, transferring it to the rear. The weight of tire and rim packages must also be added. If you have steel wheels and over-sized tires, they will affect how much you can safely carry. Bumpers for trucks are load rated as well, so make sure it can handle the trailer you’ll be hauling.

Equalizer Hitch

This helps distribute the weight more evenly between the front and back if you are towing a trailer. The Dana 44 also a larger diameter ring gear than the Dana 30, which also helps it distribute weight better. Check the ratings for the package you have, as there may be different packages available on the same model truck affecting the tow weight. The powertrain, brakes, cooling system, suspension and other package components contribute to these differences.

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