Arai vs. Schuberth Helmets

Arai vs. Schuberth Helmets

Arai vs. Schuberth Helmets Since your helmet will have your back for the next five to seven years, it makes sense to do some research first. Are Arai or Schuberth motorcycle helmets a better fit for you? The Advantages of Arai Helmets Arai is famous for focusing on rider protection above all else. Here’s what

5 Most Common Repairs for Nissan Maximas

The Nissan Maxima is a popular mid-size sedan. It’s been in production since 1981 and many drivers have loved it throughout generations. Unfortunately, owning a Nissan Maxima often comes with problems. Throughout the years, Nissan Maximas have been prone to a wide variety of problems, from the transmission to the engine to the air conditioning

5 Most Common Repairs for Honda Civics

Honda Civics have a sterling reputation for reliability. However, even these dependable compact cars do eventually break down. These are the five most common Honda Civic repairs that will have you searching for online coupons on auto parts, based on research from the repairs database. Transmission  The transmissions in both the 2001 and 2002

Best Tire and Wheel Cleaner Reviews

Sometimes due to lack of time or other priorities, such as depositions of a pterodactyl on the hood, we left aside the cleanliness of the tires of our car. We already told you how to clean the windshield glass when it is full of glued mosquitoes , how to leave the upholstery as new in case of disaster (we hope

Best Car Quick Detailer Reviews

Auto detailing is more than just running your car through your neighborhood car wash or putting on a coat of wax. Detailing your car is thoroughly cleaning it both inside and outside, removing contaminates, swirls, scratches, oxidation and other imperfections from your paint to produce a show-quality level of detail. This site will provide you

Wax vs Sealant

Waxing, whether it’s with a Carnauba Wax or Synthetic Sealant, is your “Last Step Product” in detailing your car. This step will not only protect your finish from the elements, it will also add depth, gloss and shine to your paint. Even though a wax or sealant will protect the finish, it will not prevent swirls

Best Mudguards and Bike Fenders Reviews

If you live somewhere where it rains and snows and you are going to be using a bike for transportation, it is a great idea to invest in some bike fenders. If you have ever walked outside after it has rained and kicked up dirt and water onto the back of your pants, you can

Types of Bicycle Pumps

Picking the right pump has a lot to do with the type of riding that you do. If you are road riding, the lightest and smallest pump will be the best for you. If you are mountain biking, you will need a more durable pump that can handle the hazards that you may encounter on

How to use a Bicycle air pump

Every home must have an air pump, because this versatility can be useful for any occasion that occurs, such as: maintain the air pressure of tires or tires of the bike or motorcycle, inflate mats , inflate balloons, even up to us car tires. Thanks to the technological advance, the new pumps are comfortable, easy

How to choose a pump or inflator for your mountain bike

In the following lines we explain how to choose a pump or inflator for your mountain bike . There are many types of pumps, but we will focus mainly on the two most common types. The first would be a ground or foot pump  , which we will use for domestic use. On the other hand we have the one that every cyclist should